Imagine a 100-meter race: sleek, toned athletes ready to function like a Ferrari.

At the command, “Take your mark!” they all go to the starting line, engines revved.

At the “Get set!” command they get in the starting blocks. They are pumped full of adrenaline.

Finally, when they hear the gun, they burst out of the blocks and run like hell to the finish line, burning off all those chemicals and coming back to normal.

Most of us live in a “Get set!” world. Our stresses, worries and fears keep us constantly ready to run, but we never get to burn off the adrenaline and cortisol. So it turns into belly fat, indigestion, unexplained pain, headaches, diabetes, poor sleep, palpitations, dizziness, compromised immune systems, and eventually more serious illnesses.   Almost every disease has an underlying link to chronic stress.

There are many sources of stress and the area of vulnerability is different for each individual. In my practice, I help my clients manage stress. We find where the energy is out of balance and correct it, and I provide my clients with simple exercises they can do on their own. In this way, they have tools they can use when they recognize the signs of imbalance and a way of maintaining and building on the progress we make.