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  • Do you feel confused, overwhelmed, foggy or stuck?

  • Are you in a life transition?

  • Recently suffered a crisis or trauma?

  • Have you recently had surgery or spent time in hospital?

  • Do you want to bring more balance, joy and vitality to your life?

Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine is about finding and correcting energy “scrambles” and when you shift your energy, other things can shift as well.

Sound Therapy

The use of sound for healing is ancient. Today we understand that sound can help brain waves become coherent.

Essential Oils

Plants and their essential oils have been used for healing since ancient times — they were the original pharmaceutical.


With hypnosis, we can access the subconscious part of the mind where beneficial suggestions can be used to change habits.



In the Far East, both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda have a centuries-long tradition of effectiveness and both are still being used today. Eden Energy Medicine has roots in both traditions.

In addition, “ancient cultures considered sound significant in their embrace of the divine. And many believed that sound was an entry point or toran, that could carry them into a mystical experience.”[1] There is evidence of sound being used for healing dating back thousands of years in India.

In the Middle Ages people in Western Europe saw themselves as an integral part of everything that was both seen and unseen. They were connected with Heaven through God and with Earth through Nature. This way of thinking gradually changed to a belief that man could be protected from chaotic nature through domination and control.

It was in the 17th century that Western medicine began to diverge from its traditional practices. René Descartes, the French philosopher and mathematician, ushered in the Western scientific way of thinking about medicine: that is, that the human body was no different really from a machine. The idea that the mind influences the physical body was rejected. The mind-body-spirit connection was dismissed and physicians began looking at us as separate physical body parts. They wanted to be able to quantify everything. If it wasn’t visible or testable, then it didn’t exist.

The mind-body-spirit split in Western medicine still prevails, but that is changing. Because of Albert Einstein and other contemporary scientists, we are beginning to reconnect what Descartes and the age of science took apart, and coming back to a more holistic approach to health. Now, we understand that our emotions and our perceptions do affect how we feel, and that a person’s beliefs can affect his or her health in both positive and negative ways.

We also know that stress is a major cause of many health issues, whether directly or indirectly. That is why the main focus of my practice is stress management.

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