Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy Medicine is a method of working with your body’s primary energy systems to locate and correct energy imbalances. This powerful system was created by Donna Eden, an internationally recognized teacher, healer and bestselling author. I am a specialist in Eden Energy Medicine, and I have been trained to use the client’s own energy to find and correct specific imbalances in up to nine different energy systems. Each of these systems has its own unique impact on your being and your perception of how well or energetic you feel.

Practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) use a light touch to work with the body’s primary energy systems, which include:

Using a variety of different techniques, I can help to identify where energy isn’t flowing the way it should. Together we can get blocked or imbalanced energy flowing again, and bring balance, health and harmony back to your life. As part of your treatment, I can also provide exercises for you to maintain energetic balance at home, empowering you to actively participate in your own heath and healing.

Correcting Energy Imbalances with Eden Energy Medicine

When energy is flowing well throughout the body, you feel wonderfully alive, full of vitality and joy. But when you are experiencing stress, tension or trauma, your energy becomes scrambled and your passion for life dwindles. You feel drained and depleted. In severe cases, you may develop a variety of diseases or disorders.

Donna Eden herself developed what became Eden Energy Medicine because she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She took charge of her own healing by learning how to tap into her body’s primary energy systems. When she couldn’t walk, she focused on moving the energies down her leg using her hands and her mind. She was learning to use energy itself as medicine, and she slowly regained the ability to walk.

As Donna became stronger, she began to study healing methods from other parts of the world. She discovered that many of the techniques she was using weren’t new at all, but she was rediscovering what had been known by Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and many indigenous cultures.

Eden Energy Medicine is done using techniques that include massaging, tapping, twisting or connecting energy points on the skin, as well as techniques in learning to focus the mind.

Want an idea how it works?

Check out this video of Donna Eden demonstrating the Daily Energy Routine.

How Eden Energy Medicine Can Help You

If you are feeling blocked from experiencing enthusiasm or a joy for living, Eden Energy Medicine can make a difference in your life, and as a specialist in this practice, I can lead the way.

Using EEM, I can help to identify where energy isn’t flowing freely in your body and correct the blockage. These techniques will allow you to feel much more energized, experience less stress and tension and regain your enthusiasm for life.

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