Emotional Freedom Techniques

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is also known as Tapping. This technique is based on the belief that unresolved emotional issues are the underlying cause of problems that often manifest as physical symptoms such as headaches, chronic pain and a wide variety of diseases.

Using this technique, emotional freedom is possible. It isn’t necessary to delve into the cause of emotional triggers. It’s only necessary to release pathways where buried emotions are blocking the body’s ability to heal itself, either physically or emotionally.

What emotional issues are holding you back from living your best, most fulfilling life? What physical symptoms or disorders are you living with that have no apparent physical cause? Emotional Freedom Technique can offer relief for a wide variety of emotional and physical problems.

How EFT Works

We experience anxiety because of the neurology of our brain. Because of how we evolved as hunter/gatherers, survival is the primary focus. Our brain developed to be more focused on what could go wrong. The fear response is a heightened state of awareness which was essential for a hunter on the plains, but not so helpful for a modern human. It makes it more difficult to make decisions or develop creative solutions to problems. We need to find a way to let our brain know it’s safe to relax so we can be creative and resourceful.

Tapping near the end points of meridians can lead to significant changes in your physical and emotional health. Examples of negative emotions that may improve with the use of EFT include:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Grief
  • Anxiety and nervousness
  • Depression and low mood
  • Worry
  • Guilt

Physical Disorders and EFT

Many physical disorders are actually caused by emotional traumas or losses that have not been fully resolved. The more you try to hide or deny painful emotions, the more likely you are to manifest physical symptoms such as digestive problems, headaches, sleep disorders or pain. Often pain is the only language the body has to get your attention that something isn’t right with your whole being.

When the Tapping process is used and emotions are released and allowed to flow freely, physical symptoms are often relieved as well. Relieving emotional disharmony often leads to relief of physical pain or discomfort as well. This approach can help the body to resume its own natural healing ability.

EFT at RedTail Energetics

Clients of Redtail Energetics are able to request a variety of holistic healing options, including EFT. I find it can be a very effective method of taking down the charge on emotional issues or for overcoming fears and phobias. As one example, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits of Emotional Freedom Technique in helping a client to overcome a fear of public speaking.

If you are struggling with emotional or physical discomfort, you may find that EFT works when nothing else has, and relief may come a lot sooner than you expect.

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