"Karen is expert at helping a person learn to tap into the potential of their energy. She is a faculty member of our LifeStyle Medicine Program and her class is one of the favorites! We all deal with stress on a daily basis and she teaches a daily self-care routine that helps to mitigate the effects of stress on health."

Jean Golden-Tevald, DO MorningStar Family Health Center
Clinton, NJ

"The best thing I can say about my sessions with Karen is that every time I leave I feel like a million bucks. This says a lot since I have seen her even when I was overly stressed about planning my wedding and about doing large home renovations. My best recommendation for anyone is that you just have to go see her and find out for yourself how amazing you are supposed to feel, because that is what she does for you."

Holly Burns, PT, DPT, Robbins Rehabilitation

"After an energy work session with Karen Adamo of RedTail Energetics, I feel more relaxed and energized. I particularly enjoy the “homework” she gives me. I find having energetic “tools” helps me maintain and improve my sense of wellbeing and calm on a daily basis. I believe the work is helping me to tune into my subtler energies and gain a great sense of balance in my life. Thank you Karen for the great work!"

Gail Kinsey, LMT, Massage Therapy Group

"Several sessions with Karen helped me overcome some chronic problems. Prior to seeing Karen I was treated for symptoms which were partially relieved, but always returned. Karen taught me how to influence my own energy flows and keep a better balance. I felt much better after my first session and continued with several more sessions. I now follow the energy routine that Karen taught me, and have had no trace of problems in months. If I ever do, I'll schedule a session right away!"

Jeannine Gortvay

"I highly recommend Karen Adamo for stress relief therapy that WORKS! She shares simple practices that you can use yourself and combines that with her skills and treatments. I especially enjoy the singing bowls! The first treatment left me feeling like I was floating on air – as if I were 10 pounds lighter and 3 inches taller – wonderful!"

Betsy Haase Reimer,Insurance Agent

"The first time I went to see Karen, I must admit I was a skeptic. But after leaving feeling peaceful and calm, I am now a firm believer in her work! I have continued to see Karen and every time I leave there with a renewed sense of peace about myself! Karen’s knowledge and experience and soft and tender demeanor is amazing!"

Maureen Treich