Karen's Story

We all end up exactly where we are supposed to be. I was led to this belief by fate – call it serendipity or a greater power – at an Eden Energy Medicine retreat. There I learned energy was the driving force to health and healing, and it answered questions which were a mystery before.

Here's what happened. I had become a hypnotist in 2009. One of my earliest clients came to me for "the jitters." The first hypnosis session was successful, and my client slept better and felt calmer. The second session was also good…but the benefits lasted a shorter time. By the fifth session, his jitters were so disruptive that he couldn't even sit still for a few minutes and we had to discontinue.

Why wasn't it working? I knew there was a missing piece I had been taught up to then.

Donna Eden & Karen

At the Eden Energy Medicine weekend, I found my answer. When energies are scrambled, nothing really works well. Imbalances in your energy systems will prevent any kind of lasting progress. But when you shift your energies, other things can shift as well.

I learned more about EEM, and ultimately opened a healing practice. I have gone through extensive training in this field and continue to learn more. I am a certified practitioner of Eden Energy Medicine, and I can help you identify where your energy is blocked or imbalanced. For more information on the training I have completed, see the Training and Certifications page.

What's especially important to me is the impact I have on the lives of other people, especially people who feel stressed.

In my healing practice, my goal is simple:  to help my clients progress toward better health, vitality and joy in their lives.


Both Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurveda have a centuries-long tradition of effectiveness and both are still in use today. Eden Energy Medicine has roots in both.

Ancient cultures considered sound significant in their embrace of the divine. And many believed that sound was an entry point, or toran, that could carry them into a mystical experience. There is evidence of sound being used for healing dating back thousands of years in India.

In the Middle Ages people saw themselves as an integral part of everything that was both seen and unseen. They were connected to Heaven through God and to Earth through Mother Nature. This way of thinking gradually changed to a belief that humans could be protected from chaotic nature through domination and control. The body-mind-spirit connection was broken and physicians began looking at us as separate, discrete body parts.

Now we are coming back to a more holistic approach to health by including the spirit and emotions as an integral part of the healing process.

"This is something I do for myself.  I'd rather not do my hair than not come here.  It's where I find the quiet place in my mind."

Maria C.

A Note on the Meaning of RedTail

redtail logo in red

In certain cultures, the hawk is considered a messenger, and my intention is to carry a message of energy as health to people who are either looking for an alternative to western medicine or for something to work in conjunction with traditional western medicine. I share in the vision of Donna Eden whose mission is to raise the vibration of the planet one person at a time.

The red-tail hawk is significant to me as a totem. The red tail feathers are a symbol of power and vibrancy, while the majesty of the hawk reminds me of the ability each person has to free himself or herself from everything that is holding them back. I can't think of a better symbol for the heights you can attain by freeing your energy. Let's work together so I can help you achieve more energy, vitality and wellness.