Training & Certifications

I want my clients to have the best energy-enhancing experience possible, and I continue to learn about energy medicine, particularly Eden Energy Medicine. Training programs are ongoing for me and I am continually improving my skills and learning more.

The ONLY source of certification for Eden Energy Medicine (EEM) is through Innersource, and I have completed more than three years of training in this specialized form of healing.

  • Completed Year 1: Foundational Training of EEM in 2013. Foundations Training introduces Eden Energy Medicine and basic tools and techniques necessary to unlock the body’s natural healing power. The year includes introductory instruction in the Nine Energy Systems and how to energy test.
  • Completed Year 2: Eden Energy Medicine Certification in 2014. Students in Year 2 learn advanced protocols for working with Chakras, Meridians and Aura as well as in-depth knowledge of the 5 Rhythms, Radiant Circuits and Electrics. Completing Year 2 allowed me to be designated as a Certified Practitioner of EEM.
  • Completed Year 3: EEM Clinical Practicum in 2015. Here I obtained more advanced training in how to correct energy imbalances and was mentored by two senior EEM faculty members for a full year. Completion of Year 3 meant designation as Clinical Practitioner.
  • Completed Year 4: Advanced Practitioner. Being accepted for the fourth year of training required going through a very selective screening process. In the final year, the focus is on Regression and repairing the Basic Grid.


I have obtained extensive training in Eden Energy Medicine and continue to seek to broaden and strengthen my understanding and mastery of all aspects of EEM. Training that I have had in this field includes:

  • Advanced Playing With the Frequencies - taught by Donna Eden, 2018
  • Advanced Radiant Circuits - taught by Donna Eden, 2016
  • Advanced Chakras - taught by Donna Eden, 2015
  • Energy Mastery Series: Immune Health - Melanie Smith, DOM, AP, EEM-AP: 2018
  • Energy Testing: Intuition and Beyond - Madison King, EEM-AP, 2018
  • Energy Psychology: a Hands-on Workshop - David Feinstein, Ph.D. ,2018
  • Energy Medicine for the Dying Client - Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP: 2018
  • Mentoring with Sara Allen, PhD, EEM-AP on addictions, ADD and other issues
  • The Sacred Marriage: Thyroid and Adrenals - Debra Burchard, EEM-AP, EnKA-3, 2018
  • The Sweetness of Life: Balancing Blood Sugar - Debra Burchard, EEM-AP, EnKA-3, 2018
  • Energy Wisdom; Energy Chiro; Sensing Subtle Energy - all taught by Ellen Meredith, EEM-AM
  • The Digestive System; Stress and Anxiety - both taught by Marjorie Fein, EEM-AP


I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in 2008, and I became a Certified Hypnotist in 2010.

Through 9Ways Academia, I have taken specialized training in Sound Therapy from 2015 to 2016. Training included:

  • Sonic Theology: Metaphysical Understanding of Sound Therapy
  • Sonic Theology: The Science of Sound Therapy
  • Sonic Theology: The Harmonic Practicum

I have also studied the Singing Bowls of the Himalayas in 2016, including:

  • Circles of Sacred Sound
  • Singing Treasures
  • Sound Offerings
  • Gong Camp, 9Ways Academia, 2018


  • Lehigh Valley Holistic Practitioners
  • Harmonic Therapy Association
  • International Hypnosis Federation
  • Young Living Essential Oils Distributor No. 1270796

When you come to RedTail Energetics, you can trust that you are in the hands of someone who is very knowledgeable and truly cares about being thoroughly trained in all aspects of EEM and Sound Healing.

I will continue to broaden and expand my knowledge and understanding of Eden Energy Medicine and other forms of self-healing. The reason I persist in continually learning as much as I can is simple:

I want to empower YOU to have the highest level of energy possible!