What is Energy Medicine?

Energy medicine is a method of optimizing your own natural energy to help your mind and body to function at their best. Energy is the vitality that you need for lasting mental or physical activity, and many of us wish that we had a lot more of it. All living beings are infused with energy, a subtle life force known by many different terms. The Chinese call it qi or chi. Other terms used include prana, divine spark, life essence and many more.

When energy is blocked, scrambled or unbalanced, you may experience a variety of symptoms such as digestive disturbances, insomnia, headaches and muscle or joint pain. Or you might feel anxious, uneasy, unsettled or stuck. Your mind may feel foggy or unclear.

When it feels like something is wrong, consulting a doctor who practices traditional medicine may result in prescriptions which will treat symptoms. By using both traditional medicine and energy medicine, you can treat symptoms while also addressing and relieving the underlying energetic component. This may enable you to use the prescriptions for limited time periods which would minimize the duration of any unwanted side effects.

Energy medicine is a natural approach to restoring health and vitality. It helps to rebalance and support the body’s natural energies without using chemicals. It’s a safe and natural method of tuning into the body’s ability to heal itself, and it works with traditional medicine.

Cultivating Your Own Energy Using Energy Medicine

Do you ever wish you could attain the highest level of energy and vitality possible? When your natural energy is in balance, you feel vital, alert and clear-headed.

Energy medicine is a transformational tool that can bring out your best self. By tuning into your own energy or life force, you have the ability to not only increase your energy level and sense of well-being but also to heal many disorders which indicate that the body’s life force is out of balance.

There are many different approaches to activating the body’s natural healing energies and to restoring energies that have become blocked or out of balance. Forms of energy medicine that I use in my practice include:

Benefits of Energy Medicine

Energy medicine can restore the body’s natural energy flow. When your energy is brought into balance, you look and feel better. You are able to think more clearly, you have more resilience  and you can enjoy a renewed enthusiasm for life

Energy is the foundation of your health, both physical and mental. Unblocking your energy can get you past a feeling of being stuck in your career or in creative endeavors. Using energy medicine, you can be empowered to tap into the life force that you have been given and truly meet your potential.

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